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LNG supply module

LNG storage tank is a kind of equipment to hold liquefied natural gas, which requires high insulation and sealing performance. It is a double-layer heat preservation tank with Q345 shell, 0Cr18Ni9Ti inner tank


Isotank (tank container) international standard tank is a kind of stainless steel pressure vessel installed in the fastening frame. The tank liner is mostly made of 316 stainless steel.

Air tank

According to the different gas storage pressure, it can be divided into low pressure and high pressure. The former can be divided into wet type and dry type according to the structure. The lower part of the wet gas storage tank is a water tank

Urea tank

Urea tank urea storage tank, also known as urea tank, which contains urea solution, is mainly used for trucks and buses. After the vehicle exhaust passes through the urea tank, the emission will reach the National IV standard.

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The whole line adopts: robot, numerical control, automatic transmission and on-line monitoring to realize the automatic production of the whole line

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